Los Angeles, Mexico, China Volume Printing? (rotate phone)

LA Printing Pros & Cons

PROS: Our Los Angeles printing facility (cont.) features the highest quality printing in the world. It's also the 2nd most expensive place to get printing done. Printing in Texas or the Mid West is less expensive and printing in Japan or Switzerland is going to be more costly. If your final delivery destination is Southern California, however, you're better off printing in Mexico as the costs are lower and shipping time only takes a few hours as opposed to days by train or tractor trailer. Cons include CA tax and high cost of storage.

Mexico Printing Pros & Cons

PROS: Printing in Mexico features fast (cont.) delivery to most south western USA states like California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas. You'll also get the benefit of tax breaks and a chance to take an international working vacation if you're planning on doing your press check with us as we are just minutes from the Pacific Ocean. The Cons include slightly lower quality than our LA or Los Angeles volume printing factory and every once in a long while, shipments get major delays at the border due to inspections for well, you know.

China Printing Pros & Cons

PROS: If you have 29 days for (cont.) shipping from China to the port of Long Beach, CA, the wait will pay off. China volume printing is about 50% less expensive than printing in our LA plant. The quality in terms of color balance and registration will be a higher than our Mexico volume printing facility because our Korea Printing staff manages our Printing in China. While it takes longer to ship from China, it's actually less risky than transporting from Mexico. Cons include slightly lower paper quality than US and Mexico stocks.

Our Printing Process


You get a fast quote or a referral. We're not going to be the right fit for some people but we don't just send you away cold.


You get printing cost saving advice. Paper cost is about 60% of a print job. Ink is another 25%. There are ways to trim the cost.


Your account manager will create a prepress, CTP or DTP, proofing, and printing schedule for you.

Caveat: The only way you'll get your free coffee (Scotch spike optional) is to come in for a press check personally.


When your design is done, we double check everything with a fine tooth comb and get you an assembled proof to sign off on.


You come over for the press check or we live stream video feed you the entire process so you can check remotely.


We deliver FOB or to multiple destinations around the world. Our inhouse logistics department knows planes, trains and automobiles.

Fast Service!

We reply to emails in 30 minutes or less. We return quotes as fast as 24 hours

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