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What most people don't know is that stuffing magazines or catalogs into an envelope is manual labor. It's not automatic. Labeling and printing also requires some degree of manual labor. Sorting and grouping mail to get your bulk rate postage discount is 100% manual labor. This is why mailing magazines and catalogs is so expensive in the USA. You're spending about $15 an hour on manual labor!

This is the part you're going to like. We not only do your printing in Seoul Korea, we also do all the USPS bulk mail sorting, enveloping, and labelling in Korea. Korean manual labor only costs about 30% of the cost of the same labor in the USA. That's a 70% discount!

So when your printing arrives at the port of Los Angeles or port of San Diego, CA USA, it's all presorted. Think about that. The only thing we have to do is drive over the boxes to the USPS central branch and you're done.

Sure. You'll have to pay for transportation via sea freight or air freight from Korea to the USA. But guess what, even with the shipping cost, your total cost will still be about 20% lower than printing and mailing in the USA.

That's not all you're going to like. The total time to print, envelope, sort, box, ship, and mail from Korea to the USPS is 9 days. That's faster than hiring a printing company located right next to a USPS building. When we asked for a quote from our USA based competitors, they took 5 days just to get us a quote. In that time, if you hire us, we would already have your magazines and catalogs printed and going through US, EUROPEAN, or ASIAN customs.

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Expo & Trade Show Printing

We print Conference Program Guides, Maps, Brochures, Catalogues and More. We even print serialized tickets and badges

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If you're pitching a large prospect, we're excellent at building gorgeous hand crafted custom presentations

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Global publishing houses including textbook and magazine publishers depend on us to print their publications with localized versions


24h in 37 US EU Asia Cities

Since we are always open, and we have factories in every major convention city in the USA, UK, Europe, Asia, and South America, you can rely on us as your global print partner

Huge Global B2B Network

We'd love to be your local printer. But when you need printing done in some far away country and time zone, we're good at connecting you to event managers, marketing firms, hotels, interpreters, etc. Most of them are our clients

Precision Quality Yet Fast

Since most of our clients are global design firms, ad agencies and Fortune 1000 corporations, we're used to delivering world class Swiss level quality printing. But we work at Korean level ultra-speed. Try us

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